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360° decoration projects

Momenti offers products and services to the private individual, the architect and the designer to give shape to environments e Interior Decor solutions which create enveloping and comfortable atmospheres. Original graphics, collaborations with emerging artists, furnishing accessories, iconic pieces, sound-absorbing solutions and the possibility of customizing any surface, make Momenti a point of reference for Interior Design.

Creativity, research and technique come together to transform ideas and projects into reality.

Furnishing accessories and iconic pieces to complete the environments

The Home & Contract Collection by Momenti contains a wide range of products, furnishing accessories and one-of-a-kind iconic pieces to complete environments: lamps, sideboards, sideboards, tables, coffee tables, consoles, chairs, sofas, wall units, mirrors, carpets, curtains and more.
The Collection uses only natural raw materials:
Technical fiberglass covering fabric obtained with special glass fiber yarns, melted at 1400°C. It is non-toxic, ecological and hygienic;
Surface material coating: structurable decorative quartz coating with non-toxic water-based opaque resin finish. It represents one of the totally "green" and ecological materials of Momenti and its application, always carried out in an artisanal way by the staff of Momenti, lends itself well to the possibility of being used on different surfaces.

Thanks to the collections of MOMENTI, Painting, Tailor Covering and Tile, in total harmony with the Home & Contract collection, it is possible to create unique, totally personalized environments: from floors to walls, passing through precious pieces of furniture, up to paintings, real works of art.

Decorative technical fabrics for every environment and need

Collection of technical upholstery fabrics:
Light Eco Fiber: decorative technical fabric for covering in non-woven glass fiber, obtained with special glass fiber yarns, melted at 1400°C. Fireproof, falls into class B s1, d0. Non-toxic, ecological and hygienic, made with natural raw materials, it is neither toxic nor contaminable by biological agents;
Techno Fiber: decorative technical fabric for glass fiber covering obtained with special glass fiber yarns, melted at 1400°C. Fireproof, falls into class B, s1, d0. Non-toxic, ecological and hygienic, made with natural raw materials, it is neither toxic nor contaminable by biological agents. The reticular structure of the fabric allows the breathability of the wall;
Luxury Fiber: technical upholstery in fiberglass fabric is fireproof. It falls into class B-s1, d0. It is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Made with natural raw materials, it is neither toxic nor contaminable by biological agents. The lattice structure of the fabric is composed of filaments comparable to gold and silver.
acoustic fibres: technical cover in Acoustic fabric 300gr, 100% polyester with honeycomb structure. Fire resistant. Class B sound-absorbing classification and maximum speed of installation on walls and ceilings thanks to the maximum printable size of 309 cm.

Artistic prints by young designers and contemporary artists

Artistic prints made on five different supports:
Aluminum panel: composite panel in aluminum alloy, with a polyethylene core interposed. Our material surface coating is applied to the surface by hand;
PMMA panel: polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a plastic material formed from polymers of methyl methacrylate. It has characteristics of behavior comparable to optical fiber in terms of quality and transparency;
Canvas panel: boxed panel in aluminum alloy, externally covered with Tecno Fiber glass fiber technical fabric. Vintage effect matte resin finish;
Honeycomb eco-panel: 100% cellulose eco-panel, recycled and recyclable, with white cellulose core. Our material surface coating is applied to the surface by hand;
Acoustic polyester sound absorber: artistic print on sound-absorbing panel with perimeter and internal structure in solid wood, with internal lining in acoustic polyethylene. Surface coating in acoustic polyester "Acoustic Fiber";
Sound absorbing glass wool: artistic print on sound-absorbing panel in high density glass wool. The panel includes a frame with a linear profile in solid wood.

Materials for humid, high-traffic and outdoor environments

Porcelain stoneware, consisting of a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances fired at high temperatures above 1200°C (2192°F).
The material has excellent mechanical, chemical and thermo-hygrometrics which, together with the excellent aesthetic aspect, are ideal for use both on floors and as coverings. 

– Low circulation.
– Modular printing on one format.
– Easy cleaning.
- Scratchproof.
– Resistant to corrosive substances.
– Resistant to high temperatures.
– Resistant to abrasions.
– Also suitable for outdoors.
– Keeps the colors unchanged.

Capsule Collection 2022

Our 2022 Capsule Collection was born from the research of fashion, design and interior decor trends. Divided into three collections - Eros and Psyche, Techno Folk and Rx Nuance – develops in 12 graphics declined in 3 color variants.

Gold & Silver Collection

A collection with a strong character thanks to the graphics designed by Andrea Castejon, a well-known name in international interior design as well as the head of the Centropolis Design studio. Its 6 graphics recognizable for their harmonious and optical geometric shapes are flanked by those created by Riccardo Morvillo and Claudio Fabbri Ferrini.
The Gold & Silver Collection is made with our new Luxury Fiber material available with gold or silver filigree to create extremely elegant and refined environments.


Acoustic Wall Sound

Acoustic Wall Sound is the system that Momenti has developed to respond to the growing demand for solutions to contain background noise in medium and large environments. Our system ensures the reduction of acoustic reverberation with minimally invasive, functional, transformable interventions which make the environments immediately recognizable, elegant, classy. The system can be declined in different solutions, sizes and graphics to harmonize with the environment and create a small, unique, exciting and comfortable "ecosystem".

Momenti Monza Flagship Store Virtual Tour

A virtual visit in our Monza Flagship Store will allow you to cross the typical rooms of a house or of an local and discover the different solutions that Momenti He developed: Interior Design and Modern Interior Decorimpact with unconventional and sophisticated solutions.

The Flagship Store in Monza is always up-to-date with ever-new layouts and graphics, in line with trends.


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