Acoustic Wall Sound

Acoustic Wall Sound

Acoustic Wall Sound sound-absorbing panels for interiors

The line of Momenti Home Acoustic Wall Sound offers efficient and sophisticated sound absorbing panels for decorative interiors suitable for private homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices. They are coatings that improve the acoustics of a room by reducing sound reverberation.


Polyethylene and/or glass wool + acoustic polyester


Polyethylene+acoustic polyester / glass wool


Polyethylene+acoustic polyester / glass wool


Polyethylene+acoustic polyester / glass wool

Momenti it is beauty for acoustic well-being.

Acoustic Wall Sound it follows the perimeter of an environment and defines the spaces. It is sculptural in form and architectural in execution. It furnishes surfaces, volumes and geometries, and creates new ones. It is the cozy haven of conversation. Create coziness and atmosphere, ensure the acoustic comfort of people in the same room. All this takes place thanks to sound-absorbing panels applied to the walls, or framed and self-supporting double-sided panels, or floor-to-ceiling panels.

Acoustic Wall Sound sound-absorbing panels for interiors - Momenti

Acoustic pollution and anti-reverberation sound-absorbing panels

In the past, the negative impact ofnoise pollution. Often it was not even considered as a factor affecting well-being. The law n. 447/1995 then defined the principles underlying the protection from its harmful effects. In an enclosed space, shared by many people, even the simplest creates discomfort sound reverberation, that is, the reflection of sound waves on surfaces. Our anti-reverberation sound-absorbing panels resolve such situations. Acoustic Wall Sound it combines beauty and certified quality: it is the best answer to the need to reduce any interference phenomenon that worsens the acoustics of a room.

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Acoustics and sound absorption

Why choose Acoustic Wall Sound sound absorbing panels

I sound absorbing panels for interiors they are designed to minimize the excessive reverberation time of sound waves and promote acoustic insulation of the surrounding environments. The Acoustic Wall Sound system is specially designed to guarantee ideal acoustic well-being.

With coverings and dividers in anti-reverberation sound-absorbing material, the living space is transformed into a small comfortable, emotional and unique "ecosystem".

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Sound absorption - additional information

What does sound absorption mean and how does it happen?

To explain how sound-absorbing coverings and partitions, it is important to understand what “sound absorption” means and how this physical phenomenon occurs. This is a relevant factor when considering the acoustics of an indoor environment. In fact, sound absorption makes it possible to reduce the reverberation of sound waves which causes a feeling of confusion in places where several people speak at the same time. It's a property of some materials, such as lead, rubber, resins, acrylics and fiberglass. It consists in the ability to absorb some of the sound waves, preventing them from being reflected and re-scattered in space.

Acoustic Wall Sound sound-absorbing panels for interiors - Momenti

The absorption coefficient alpha (α) allows you to compare the sound absorption performance of different materials. An alpha coefficient equal to 1 corresponds to the maximum sound absorption. For values ​​tending to 0, the sound absorption decreases and the reflection of the sound wave increases.

Sound absorbing material for walls and partitions

A sound-absorbing material is characterized by intrinsic properties which transform a substantial part of the energy of the sound wave that strikes its surface into heat. It is thanks to this ability that i sound absorbing materials for walls and partitions they guarantee acoustic absorption, with reduction of the reverberation of sound waves. Indeed, the transformation of sound energy into heat prevents the reflection of the waves on the surfaces and their further diffusion in the habitable space.

How to increase sound absorption with the characteristics of the materials

How to increase sound absorption in a space where there is a lot of sound wave reverberation? The characteristics of sound-absorbing materials allow us to answer the question. These are the materials with which each is built sound absorbing panel, intended to cover walls and furniture, or to divide an environment. Let's see how the phenomenon of sound absorption occurs thanks to the conformation of the products.

The three ways of sound absorption of a sound-absorbing panel

Sound absorption occurs in different ways. They are distinguished:

  1. sound absorption for porosity;
  2. sound absorption for membrane resonance;
  3. and finally, sound absorption for cavity resonance.

Our sound absorbing panels for interiors exploit all three modes of absorption, including mixed systems.

The most common sound-absorbing materials are porous and the parameters that describe their effectiveness are:

  1. porosity – density;
  2. geometry – elasticity of the structure;
  3. mounting distance from the rear reflective surface.

The sound absorption coefficient

Porosity and density of the material, geometry and elasticity of the structure and distance of the panel from the rear reflecting surface influence the sound absorption coefficient. This is the most important parameter in the evaluation of sound absorbing materials.

All porous sound-absorbing materials let air pass inside the tiny cavities that characterize them. Thus, the waves remain "trapped" and are not reflected. That is, the transformation of their sound energy into heat takes place.

In summary

Sound absorption is defined as the property of a material to absorb sound energy incident on its surface.

Acoustic reverberation and reverberation time

The use of sound-absorbing structures and materials is necessary in environments characterized by excessive acoustic reverb, that is, where echoes and reflected sound waves are annoying.

An essential factor for evaluating the acoustic well-being in a certain environment is the reverberation time.

The "reverberation time" is defined as a precise interval of time: that necessary for the sound level to decay by 60 dB, measured starting from the moment of interruption of the sound source.

In closed spaces where many people talk to each other, this measure is decisive for highlighting the functionality of the room for interpersonal communication.

Environments compromised by acoustic reverberation

Classrooms, canteens, restaurants, hotels and cafes often have highly reflective walls. If they are not lined with sound absorbing materials, the reverberation time is high. As a result, conversations are disturbed by sound waves reflected off surfaces. In environments where sound-absorbing systems are used, on the other hand, the reverberation time is reduced and the acoustic well-being is clearly greater.

A high reverberation time decreases the understanding of the speaker's words and increases the feeling of discomfort of people in an interior.

Acoustic Wall Sound sound-absorbing panels for interiors - Momenti

Where to use sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels for interiors

In noisy places with high acoustic reverberation, it is important to intervene to obtain acoustic comfort. The goal is to ensure the well-being of those who live in those spaces.

It is possible to improve the acoustics of an environment with specific treatments to reduce sound interference.

We will use our own sound absorbing systems to control sound reflections and improve the quality of verbal communication.

In adjoining rooms, conversations overlap. People may feel discomfort because they hear the words of others or because others hear theirs. In these cases, acoustic comfort is achieved with a screen that blocks sound waves.

We will use soundproofing materials to limit the transmission of sound from one room to another and prevent confidential conversations from being heard in other rooms.

The harmony of an environment will be obtained through the composition of two elements: acoustic treatment and soundproofing adapted to the specific characteristics of an interior.

Because Acoustic Wall Sound is the ideal solution

  1. Acoustic Wall Sound offers design and decorative sound-absorbing panels.

Our sound-absorbing system is colorful and imaginative, as desired by those who ask for it. The surfaces of the panels can be finished with any pattern and any shade of the RAL color scale.

  1. The Acoustic Wall Sound system is sound absorbing.

Good sound absorption is a decisive quality for places and environments where people meet (restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, conference rooms, offices and much more).

  1. Acoustic Wall Sound panels reach a maximum height of 295 cm, without joints and trims.

  2. The colors of the Acoustic Wall Sound surfaces remain unchanged over time.

Insights - acoustics and sound absorption


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